BESCO: From the Beginning
From 1973 through 1976 R. E. Witkovski opened BESCO’s Caribbean operation, living in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and rebuilding 36 AM and FM in Puerto Rico including Culebra and Vieacus Islands, all of the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

BESCO maintained a 3000 sq. ft. warehouse at the old Ramey Air Force Base where Flemming International Air Freight Lines operated daily flights to Miami, Dallas and St. Louis, providing us with convenient transportation to and from the Caribbean at modest prices, without going through San Juan’s overly congested port of entry.  We helped develop Western Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Ponce and Arecibo into a useful alternative.

Our main sales office was at WNEL in Caguas, just down the Autopista, twenty minutes from San Juan.

“It’s hard to believe but with over 100 stations in Puerto Rico I drove over 20,000 miles a year, 3 years in a row,” says Witkovski, – Founder and Former Owner

BESCO, over the years, has screened and qualified engineers so we now are capable of entire installations of AM-FM short wave.  You can see, as reps of over 235 manufacturers and totally guaranteed installation, we are unique in the “most experienced” of Broadcast Groups but also are a real friend to the “first time” owner with little or no experience.

R.E. Witkovski, over the last 50 years has built – from the ground up – and fully operated several groups of radio stations and one TV station.

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For 5 years in the 80’s Witkovski published “I.D.,” an information dissemination magazine which was a monthly publication delivered to 12,000-plus broadcasters in the USA, 700 in Canada and 370 in Mexico and Central America.

“Our main goal was to have a quality communication link between broadcasters in North and South America and a way to buy, sell and trade equipment among themselves.”

Also, I.D. was able to help 63 advertisers to reach what was then an untouched market – since this was before the Internet.  Since its beginning BESCO has had a reputation for taking on and completing difficult and unusual challenges.

       The most successful pirate ship, Radio Carolina, was built not once but twice over a 20 year span for European entrepreneurs Peter Murtha and Ronan O’Reilly

       BESCO supplied all equipment for such world famous Christian broadcasters as:

          •  High Adventure Ministries

          •  Far East Broadcasting

          •  Dr. Gene Scott’s stations throughout Asia, Philippines and the Caribbean.

          •  1 million watt “Shortwave Live” from Denton County, Texas serving the world with positive programming.

BESCO Internacional has a long history of integrity in serving the broadcast community. In 2015 R.E. Witkovski turned over the reigns, and sold the business to his step son Robert Malany. Robert has high aspirations for the company, and is actively working to expand the business by offering new equipment, in addition to quality pre-owned transmitters.

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